Who Pays The Water Bills?

Wednesday, 2nd Mar 2016

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Who pays for the water bills?

There's alot of learn and understand when it comes to renting. One area which confuses many people (tenant and landlord alike) is "Who pays the water bills?"

There are two types of water charges:

  • Water rates  (service charge for the supply of water to and from the property).
  • Water consumption (charge for water used at the premises - There is no free water allowance for any water bills.)

Who is responsible for paying the water rates?

The owner(landlord) is liable for the water rates assessed on the property (Residential Tenancies Act WA (1987), section 48), unless it is written into the tenancy agreement that the tenant must pay them. 

***It is very unusual for the water rates to be paid by the tenant. Tenants can refuse (before signing the agreement) to agree that they will be responsible for the rates.***

Who is responsible for water consumption charges?

The Water Corporation always charges the owner for water used at rental premises. 

The owner is allowed to pass this cost on to the tenant. All tenancy agreements should have something written into them about who will pay water consumption costs.

If you have an existing tenancy agreement, you should check what you have agreed about with regards to the water bills.


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