What Do Tenants Want In 2016?

Monday, 8th Feb 2016

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So what does it take to make potential tenants scramble over eachother to sign up for your property in 2016? Here's the top 3!

Location, Location, Location! - Heard that one before? Yes, but it is true. Tenants are willing to pay more money to live in their preferred suburb/location. Usually, these are places close to important amenities with 'close to public transport' being high on their 'must have' list.

Little Extras! - From lawn mowing to pool cleaning, it's the little things that tenants LOVE! It makes their life eaiser and you'll know your property is being maintained.

Plug Me In! - NBN connectivity has proven to be attractive to prospective tenants. Having a rental that is set up to handle the internet appeals to families, housemates and home based business owners.

How does your property stack up? Can it attract tenants and meet their demands in 2016?

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